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Night guardians

Every winter, our main character travels to {gender|his|her} quiet and much-loved village, where the snow covers everything. However, when night falls, {gender|his|her} courage disappears under the sheets and fear invades the bedroom. The darkness does not make a good playmate. But an unexpected visit sparks {gender|his|her} curiosity and {gender|he|she} meets the night guardians, who help {gender|him|her} to discover the importance of facing up to your own fears. Will {gender|he|she} overcome {gender|his|her} fear of the dark?

Recommended: 3 - 8 years old
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Kabibi's magic

A little incident at the beach leads our protagonist to meet the Wizard Kabibi, who gives her a strange gift which allows her to hear the thoughts of people in need of help.

Our protagonist greatly enjoys helping others and soon discovers that good deeds are repaid many times over.

Recommended: 3 - 8 years old
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My friends in the woods

During a holiday in a forest in Northern Europe our character meets Pica-pica a lovely squirrel who cannot fly like the other squirrels.

One night whilst watching a beautiful meteor shower, Pica-pica admits her dream is to be able to fly like everyone else.

Our clever star will do everything possible to help his/her new friend. Will they do it?

Recommended: 3 - 8 years old

What is it like?

  • Padded hardcover in gloss lamination
  • 46 full color pages
  • 250 gsm paper with a non-marking surface coating
  • Strong binding
  • Size 9.05" x 9.84"
  • Photo and dedication


Who is it for?

Our stories are conceived for children from the ages of 3 to 9. These can be adapted to different ages and levels thanks to our different languages and font types that we have available.

What are our stories like?

We create fun, captivating and educational stories that mean to instil different values

What's the turnaround delivery time?

All of our books are personalized and they are made exclusively for you so the time of delivery ranges between 4 and 9 days depending on the country of destination.

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